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2. In more than 10 years of car hiring for ourselves and our guests, Cartrawler did not let us down once.

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Enter 'Funchal Airport' as the pickup location
We recommend avoiding offers with hidden fuel charges (like pre-purchased fuel) READ MORE   

madeira car rental

Tips and tricks for renting a car on Madeira

Generally, you can trust the rental company. The employees have plenty of good will,  the road system is modern and in good shape !!!
Nevertheless....keep reading

1. While using the booking engine
Madeira car rental Funchal The best car rental values are in the so-called 'Economy' car segment which is also the dominant one on Madeira  (Fiesta, Clio, Polo, 207, C3)
Madeira car rental Funchal The 'Mini' segment offers a slightly lower price compared to  'Economy', however be ready to make some serious sacrifices regarding driver and passenger comfort.   (C1, Aygo,...)
Madeira car rental Funchal Outside of these 2 car rental segments and into the higher segments,  prices go up exponentially, partially due to the limited car availability.
Madeira car rental Funchal Consult the details of each rental rate. Since the booking system displays the offers of various rental companies, conditions vary! Pay special attention to your insurance coverage and deductible.
Madeira car rental Funchal Afraid of uphill car starts? Choose an automatic gearbox (and pay the extra).  99% of your starts will be... on a hill.

2. When you receive your car reservation confirmation

- Verify the name of the car rental company on the confirmation.
Madeira car rental Funchal Please be aware that some of the rental companies do not actually have their booth in the airport building but nearby. They would pick you up  from arrivals.  Look for a big sign with the name of the rental company and let a small shuttle bus get you to their booth  We never found this to be an issue at all.
Madeira car rental Funchal Although all of the rental companies used by the system are well recognized and reputable on Madeira, you are free to cancel your reservation should you have doubts about the company in question (for example, if you promised yourself never ever to rent a car from company X again).
Madeira car rental Funchal You may be interested in knowing exactly which vehicle model will be reserved for you?  Wait for 24h and contact the car rental company at the Funchal airport (using the telephone numbers below). By this time your car reservation should be entered in to the local information system  and you should be able to obtain more information of which model your are likely to be driving.  If you do not like the answer (for example, your back problems exclude driving car model Y), you can ask a different model or...if necessary...cancel your reservation!

3. Arriving at the car rental booth in or near the airport

Madeira car rental Funchal You may be offered additional insurance.  Be aware of the insurance coverage already included in your rate!
Madeira car rental Funchal Should you be asked to sign a clause related to washing/cleaning costs upon vehicle return, refuse to sign it categorically! 
  This is an abusive approach where you will pay the fee even if your car is returned in squeaky clean condition (Hertz).
Madeira car rental Funchal />Always read your rental agreement conditions. Some customers in the past have been surprised by a return empty fuel clause stating that a fixed fuel charge (typically over 100 euro) will be applied regardless in addition to the rental fee. The clause will tell you that you are free to return the tank empty as you will pay the fuel charge in any case.
Of course it is not possible nor realistic to return your car to the airport with an empty tank If you are in this case, you have every right to feel abused. Insist vigorously that you be allowed to return the tank full with no application of the fuel charge. If this is refused, request to make a formal complaint in the 'livro de reclamacoes'. This will likely suffice as no company in Portugal likes to deal with the administrative fallout of an official complaint.
Madeira car rental Funchal Since you are on Madeira (rockfall is abundant during rainy weather), ask to be shown the contract conditions relative to flat tires and windshield damage due to falling stones or chips.
Madeira car rental Funchal > Insist on a vehicle check - don't skip the 'vehicle condition' form in order to agree on the vehicle damage (scratches, bumps,...) already present on the vehicle before driving away.  Probably the biggest reason for customer dissatisfaction are disagreements about repairs charged to customers like you!

4.Arriving on the airport parking - a vehicle is presented

Madeira car rental Funchal Insist on the vehicle check described above and keep a copy of the signed form!  It is your only protection from unjustified repair charges.
Madeira car rental Funchal Verify the tire profile.  If the tires (they may be borderline legally) show signs of advanced wear, insist that you will not be responsible for their replacement in case of a flat and have it noted on the vehicle condition form.
  Many abuses in the past but this issue seems to be mostly a thing of the past now..
Madeira car rental Funchal Tire profile is not acceptable or illegal? > insist on a different vehicle.
Madeira car rental Funchal As you drive away, return if you feel something is wrong with the vehicle, get the vehicle condition form updated or change vehicles.

5. On the road

Madeira car rental Funchal Attention - rockfall during rain, stones on many streets after rain.. unavoidable on Madeira in spite of the modern road system.  Keep your eyes on the road, this is when your chances of a flat tire are highest.  Avoid rocks and stones, without endangering the other road users.
Madeira car rental Funchal On Madeira, pedestrians are king.  You will find pedestrians walking on the road (most roads have no sidewalk), in a dark tunnel, and generally any place where you didn't expect them.  Adapt your speed and avoid a traumatizing holiday.
Madeira car rental Funchal On Madeira, access to the highway is usually without an on-ramp.  Be aware.
Madeira car rental Funchal On Madeira, the highway exits sometimes are very sharp bends due to the geograpy of the land. Take this into account, slow down and expect a sharp turn.

6. Telephone numbers of car rental companies

Tel.: (+351) 291 523 040
www.hertz.pt hreservas@hertz.pt

Tel.: (+351) 291 524 633
www.europcar.pt reservas@europcar.com

Tel.: (+351) 291 524 718
www.rodavante.com rodavante@mail.telepac.pt

Tel.: (+351) 291 524 392
www.avis.com.pt customer.service@avis-portugal.pt

Sixt Rent-a-car
Tel.: (+351) 291 523 355
www.sixt.pt reservas-mad@sixt.pt

Auto Jardim
Tel.: (+351) 291 524 023
www.auto-jardim.com aj.madeira@auto-jardim.com

Tel.: (+351) 291 522 249
www.guerin.pt aptfunchal@guerin.com.pt